Ohmoriya’s manufacturing base is located in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, facing Kyushu’s Ariake Sea, Japan’s largest nori production area.

Like the Hirokawa Plant, the Fukuoka Plant is fully automated and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment boasting of the largest production capacity in the industry, and at the same time pursues the creation of “safe, secure, and high-quality” products from the consumer’s point of view with a quality control system that complies with international standards, ISO9001:2000, and ensures hygiene management based on an HACCP systematic approach. We are now preparing applications for certification of FSSC22000 and /or BRC.


By managing from the arrival of raw materials to product shipments based on global standards, we conduct product traceability (clarification of processes from purchase to processing, manufacturing, distribution, etc.), while at the same time thoroughly implement a reliable and appropriate check system by equipment and people know-how in each process to further ensure the manufacture of safe and secure products.

Grilled nori fully shaped automatic packaging equipment
Grilled nori fully shaped automatic packaging equipment
Seasoning in a liquid tank

To protect food safety and security

The Furikake Division has built a system that checks raw materials using X-ray machines and efficiently uses only those raw materials that have passed the checks.

In addition, as a countermeasure against foreign objects, a system has been established to ship only products that have passed multiple examinations, such as placing metal detectors and foreign body inspection machines on all lines, and conducting detailed checks by eye tests of specialized workers with inspection technology at key locations in the manufacturing process based on ISO9001:2000.

Metal detector
Foreign object inspection

To protect our traditional taste

While there are many other food factories that outsource the production of seasoning liquids in order to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, we have consistently maintained the traditional taste by performing all processes from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing, storage, and seasoning processing.

Application process of seasoning liquid
Optimal storage system maintains nori flavor

Carefully selected by our nori specialists, deliciousness guaranteed

Nori has elements that make up “deliciousness” such as color, umami, aroma, and tsuya [lustrousness], but these elements depend on the production area and the skill of the nori producer.

The nori processed into ita nori (21×19 cm) by the producer is transported to a local fishing cooperative for inspection and the “grade” which indicates the quality rating is determined.

Ratings are checked for items such as color, taste, aroma, shape, weight, and quality, and are graded from 1 to 7, etc. Nori selected after grading is then priced by a bidding process.

At Ohmoriya, when purchasing nori as a raw material, because we collect and analyze our past performance and data of nori production areas, grade appraisals by specialized staff, etc., we can purchase only nori that are higher than certain quality standards set by our company.

Appraisal of nori by specialists
Nori tender scenery