Dashi soup Japanese style

Product information

Japanese-style dashi soup that you drink easily in a mug

“Japanese style dashi”: Taste of bonito, kelp, and  dried sardines.

“Vegetable dashi”: A gentle taste with dashi such as Chinese cabbage, carrots, and onions.

There is no thirst or stickiness around the mouth, and the aroma is not too strong, so you can drink it easily without hesitation in the office etc.

Best before period : 13 months

Contents : 29.4g Japanese style dashi (4.8g×3 bottles), vegetable dashi (5.0g×3 bottles)

Raw material name

Japanese-style dashi

lactose (manufactured in the United States), table salt, bonito extract powder, bonito powder, sugar, dried sardines powder, powdered soy sauce, starch, plant protein hydrolyzate, fermented seasoning, kelp powder, yeast extract powder/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, antioxidant (V.E), (including some milk components, wheat, soybeans)

Vegetable dashi

lactose (manufactured in the United States), salt, starch, plant protein hydrolyzate, vegetable extract powder, dried sardines powder, yeast extract powder, sugar, soy sauce, bonito extract powder, onion powder, powdered fats and oils, peppers/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickeners (xanthan), caramel pigment, (including dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans in part)

Nutritional information

Japanese style dashi

Per meal 4.8g

Salt equivalent1.8g

vegetable dashi

per meal 5.0g

Salt equivalent1.3g

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