Kari Kari Ume Kombu

Product information

New taste of the popular crunchy plum series!

Contains 500mg of citric acid, crunchy texture that goes well with rice!

You will never forget this texture!

It is a soft type furikake that kombu brings out an elegant taste.

It can be used for easy and delicious arrangements such as pasta and salada.

Best before period : 9 months

Contents : 40g

Raw material name

Plum (from China), salt, white sesame, kelp, soy sauce, sugar, granular soybean protein, black sesame, reduced starch syrup, bonito extract, brewed vinegar / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), trehalose, acidulant, coloring (monascus, carotinoid), V.B1, flavoring, (contains wheat, sesame, soybean)

Nutritional information

Per meal (5g)
Salt equivalent1.2g
citric acid63mg
Dietary fiber0.4g

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