Renewal Ryokuoyasai Furikake

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Product information

Deliciousness and nutrition have been enhanced. Increase seasoned shredded seaweed by 30%! We increased the amount of vegetable ingredients such as pumpkin and carrots, which are popular with children.

Best before period: 13 months

Contents : 45g

Raw material name

Lactose (foreign-manufactured), roasted sesame, soybeans, sugar, salt, bonito and mackerel mixed shavings, starch, carrots, nori, radish leaves, dextrin, soy sauce, egg yolk powder, pumpkin, glucose, spinach, brown sugar, kelp, moromi, matcha, fermented seasoning, paprika, green peas, kale, bok choy, tomato, bonito bonito extract, broccoli, komatsuna, vegetable oil, dietary fiber, asparagus, lemon , aosa, kelp extract, mirin, sake, chili pepper, shrimp extract, vegetable lactic acid bacteria (sterilization) / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), eggshell calcium, modified starch, coloring (carotenoid, caramel, monascus, gardenia, safflower yellow), cellulose, thickener (xanthan gum), antioxidant (V.E), V.B1, acidulant, sweetener (licorice), ( Some contain eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, sesame seeds, mackerel, and soybeans.)

Nutritional information

Per estimated daily intake (9g)
Salt equivalent0.8g
Vitamin B11.2mg
Dietary fiber0.6g

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