Ryokuoyasai Furikake

The crispy texture and the color are vividly renewed!

Product information

Delicious and cheerful!  Even for children who don’t like vegetables, it is easy to take vegetable nutrition with delicious rice.

It has been a furikake representing Ohmoriya. You can take 12 kinds of green and yellow vegetables deliciously and easily.

Another big feature is the good color!  Packaging with a zipper that is convenient for storage.

Best before period: 12 months

Contents : 23g

Raw material name

Lactose, grilled sesame, sugar, bonito and mackerel mixed shavings, soybeans, salt, starch, radish leaves, carrots, seaweed, soy sauce, glucose, dextrin, egg yolk powder, pumpkin, kelp, spinach, brown sugar, moromi:unrefined sake, fermented seasoning, matcha, paprika, green peas, kale, bok-choy, tomatoes, bonito extract, vegetable protein hydrolyzed products, broccoli, komatsuna:Japanese mustard spinach, vegetable oils and fats, asparagus, dietary fiber, aosa, lemon, kelp extract, mirin:sweet sake, sake, chili pepper, shrimp extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), processed starch, eggshell calcium, coloring (carotenoid, caramel, gardenia, monascus, safflower yellow), Cellulose, thickener (xanthan gum), antioxidant (V.E), V.B1, acidulant, sweetener (licorice), (including eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, sesame, mackerel, soybeans)

Nutritional information

Per estimated daily intake (9g)
Salt equivalent0.9g
Vitamin B11.2mg
Dietary fiber0.5g

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