SOU・SOU Collaboration HokkoriWadashi Goodnight Chazuke Yuzu Tarako

Product information

A collaboration product with the popular Kyoto brand SOU / SOU!

Four types of Japanese dashi (bonito, clam, kelp, scallop) are added with the mellowness of soy milk and the aroma of yuzu. In addition, it is full of dietary fiber.

Best before period: 13months               

Contents: 24.3g (8.1g×3 bags)

Raw material name

Ingredients: rice cracker (domestic production), salt, indigestible dextrin, creaming powder, dextrin, sugar, soy milk powder, soybean, lotus root, cod roe, protein hydrolyzate, bonito extract powder, yuzu, vegetable oil, yeast extract powder, clam extract powder, lactose, powdered soy sauce, scallop extract powder, glucose, kelp extract powder, bonito flakes powder / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickener (guar gum), fragrance, monascus, antioxidant (V.E), (some contain dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans)

Nutritional information

per 1 bag (8.1g)
Salt equivalent1.5g
Dietary fiber1.0g

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