5 millets and 3 seeweeds soup

A soup that is rich in ingredients and is worth eating.

Product information

A soup that is rich in ingredients and is worth eating.

It is a colorful soup with 5 kinds of millet (wheat, pressed wheat, sprouted brown rice, awa, kibi), 3 kinds of seaweed (dried nori, wakame seaweed, tororo kombu) and vegetables.

Taste of Japanese style tailoring based on soy sauce. You can get plenty of dietary fiber and 1/2 of the iron you need per day.

Best before period : 12 months

Contents : 8.6g×5backs

Raw material name

Indigestive dextrin, salt, chicken extract powder, powdered soy sauce, sugar, lactose, dextrin, yeast extract, vegetable oil, bonito powder, flying fish powder, Iriko powder, mackerel powder, shiitake mushroom extract powder, scallop extracts, ingredients (wheat (domestic), pressed wheat (domestic), wakame seaweed, carrots, kelp, Komatsuna, sprouted brown rice, nori, awa, kibi, fermented seasonings, sugar, glucose, dextrin, soy sauce, salt) / Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), iron pyrophosphate, expansion agents, caramel pigments, acidulants, antioxidants (V.E), (including milk ingredients, wheat, mackerel, soybeans, chicken)

Nutritional information

Per meal (8.6g)
Salt equivalent1.6g
Dietary fiber1.6g

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