Kanefuku Mentaiko Furikake

Product information

A collaboration product with Kanefuku Co., Ltd which is one of the most popular spicy cod roe, “Mentaiko” manufacturer! 

This furikake uses plenty of Kanefuku-mentaiko, which is characterized by its spicy and umami taste, and the combination with nori and mentaiko is excellent.

Best before period : 12 months

Contents : 35g

Raw material name

grilled sesame, lactose, nori, granular soy protein, salt, sugar, starch, bonito and mackerel mixed shavings, soy sauce, aosa, mentaiko, cod powder, fermented seasonings, flour, fructose glucose liquid sugar, fish sauce (seafood), brown sugar, chili pepper, moromi; unrefined sake, seafood extract, cod pepper powder, dextrin, mentaiko powder, yeast extract, vegetable oil, paprika powder, kelp extract, mirin, sake, shrimp extract, kelp / seasoning ( amino acids, etc.), processed starch, coloring (monascus, caramel, carotenoid), fragrance, eggshell calcium, sweetener (licorice), antioxidant (V.E), colorant (sodium nitrite), (including eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, sesame, mackerel, soybeans, gelatin, fish sauce (seafood) )

Nutritional information

Per meal (2.5g)
Salt equivalent0.3g
Dietary fiber0.2g

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