Bari Bari Syokunin Yamitsuki Kombu

It has a mellow taste with sweetness and umami after salty taste.

Product information

You will be surprised  at a crispy texture! BariBari Syokunin 3rd!

This time it is a collaboration product with “Shiokon Manager” from Kurakon Foods Corporation.

Blended with kombu extract to create a mellow kelp flavor.

It is an addictive kelp taste that you can’t stop. It’s a double flavor of nori and kelp!

Best before period : 10 months

Raw material name

Dried seaweed (domestic), soy sauce, starch, kelp extract, salt, yeast extract, starch decomposing products / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, fragrances, sweeteners (licorice), (including wheat and soybeans)

Nutritional information

Per sheet
Salt equivalent0.06g
Dietary fiber0.14g

Product image