Bari Bari Syokunin Yamitsuki Kombu

It has a mellow taste with sweetness and umami after salty taste.

Product information

New texture wave manufacturing method! !! The amount of contents remains the same! Change to an environmentally friendly container!

You will be surprised  at a crispy texture! BariBari Syokunin 3rd! This time it is a collaboration product with “Shiokon Manager” from Kurakon Foods Corporation. Blended with kombu extract to create a mellow kelp flavor. It is an addictive kelp taste that you can’t stop. It’s a double flavor of nori and kelp!

Best before period : 10 months

Contents: 30 sheets

Raw material name

Ingredients: Dried nori (domestic), soy sauce, starch syrup, kelp extract, salt, yeast extract, starch decomposition product / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, flavoring, sweetener (licorice), (some include wheat and soybean)

Nutritional information

Per sheet
Salt equivalent0.06g
Dietary fiber0.14g

Product image