Products for business use information

Regarding any product for business use, we will design the product according to the needs of local customers.

Based on the standards (cut size, number of inserts, etc.) and raw materials used (production area and grade) of the products currently in use, we think it is best to provide proposals that can be improved if there are problems.

Some customers place importance on price by returning quality, while others place importance on quality. Nori’s business starts with the selection of raw materials used, and it is almost a PB product, so we will take the time to conduct interviews and make the best proposals.

Gunkan nori, Obi nori, Kizami nori, Aosako:sea lettuce powder, etc. are also available, so please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you.

Yaki nori for sushi roll

Size: Zenkei, Hannkiri, 2/3 cut、etc.,

Onigiri wrap nori

We will propose various designs that suit you.

Roll nori

We can cut at any width for manufacturing at the factory

Aosako & Kizami nori