Pari Pari Wakame Aniki Kobashi Katsuo Shoyu

Product information

The 2nd crisp and addictive new texture furikake!

The crispy texture of wakame is delicious. It is a sprinkle that the savory soy sauce

flavor and the sweet & spicy taste of bonito are appetizing.

Best before period : 13 months

Contents : 30g

Raw material name

Wakame seaweed (from China), roasted sesame seeds, salt, sugar, bonito shavings, lactose, granular soybean protein, starch, bonito powder, palm oil, glucose, powdered soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken egg, sesame oil, roasted brown rice powder, dextrin, aosa, maltose, fermented seasoning, yeast extract powder, yeast powder, mackerel shavings, plant protein hydrolyzates, reduced starch syrup/ seasonings (amino acids, etc.), eggshell calcium, coloring (caramel, monascus, carotinoid), glycerin, processed starch, antioxidants (V. E), sweeteners (licorice), acidulants, (including eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, sesame, mackerel, soybeans)

Nutritional information

Per meal (2.5g)
Salt equivalent0.5g
Dietary fiber0.3g

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