Ryoshimeshi Chazuke

Product information

Ochazuke with 3 kinds of dashi! It is a flavorful ochazuke filled with the deliciousness of the sea ingredients!

Three kinds of dashi of bonito, kelp, and flying fish are rich, and it is finished with a slight wasabi flavor.

With nori, bonito shavings, mackerel shavings, shredded kelp, small shrimp, and aosa! Not only hot chazuke, but also chilled chazuke can be enjoyed deliciously!

Best before period : 12 months

Contents : 26g(5.2g × 5bags)

Raw material name

Salt, bonito shavings, rice cracker, sugar, grilled sesame, bonito powder, seaweed, small shrimp, soy sauce, lactose, glucose, kelp, aosa, dextrin, starch, mackerel shavings, mackerel powder, wasabi powder, plant protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract, fermented seasoning, matcha, kelp powder, flying fish powder, bonito extract, horse mackerel powder, dried fish extract, rice extract, pepper, ginger extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Antioxidants (V.E), colorings (caramel, monascus, carotenoids), fragrances, acidulants, sweeteners (licorice), (including milk ingredients, wheat, rice, sesame, and soybeans)

Nutritional information

Per meal (5.2g)
Salt equivalent1.9g
Dietary fiber0.2g

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