Bari Bari Syokunin

The balance between umami and salty taste is exquisite.

It is a taste that you can’t stop.

Product information

New texture wave manufacturing method! !! The amount of contents remains the same! Change to an environmentally friendly container!

Seasoned with a special seasoning liquid, a new texture of nori is realized by a unique manufacturing method. It is a seasoned seaweed that you can eat when you are hungry and feel like a snack. Once you start eating it, you won’t stop. The crispy texture is addictive!

Best before period : 10 months

Contents: 30 sheets

Raw material name

Ingredients: Dried nori (domestic), soy sauce, starch syrup, yeast extract, salt, kelp extract, bonito extract, dextrin, shrimp extract, sugar/alcohol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sweeteners (licorice), spice extracts, (some include wheat, shrimp, soybeans)

Nutritional information

Per bottle (30 sheets)
Salt equivalent1.1g
Dietary fiber4.1g

Product image