Kari Kari Ume Akashiso

Contains 500 mg of citric acid and has a crunchy texture that goes well with rice!

Product information

Contains 500mg of citric acid, crunchy texture that goes well with rice!

You will never forget this texture!

There is no doubt that the texture of the crunchy plum and the exquisite seasoning that makes use of the plum will become addictive.

If you can’t choose a furikake, try this one.

In addition to rice and Ochazuke, you can use it freely, such as Japanese omelet.

Best before period : 9 months

Contents : 40g

Raw material name

Dried seaweed (domestic), soy sauce, glucose syrup, yeast extract, salt, kelp extract, bPlum, red shiso; red perilla, salt, sesame, sugar, starch, plum extract, plum meat, reduced starch syrup, bonito extract, brewed vinegar / trehalose, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, coloring (monascus, carotenoid), V. B1

Nutritional information

Per meal (5g)
Salt equivalent1.0g
citric acid63mg
Dietary fiber0.3g

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