Seafood dashi furikake

Product information

Furikake mixed with various dashi umami flavors

We use 10 kinds of dashi ingredients to create a deep flavor rich in flavor.

Best before period: 13 months  


Raw material name

Ingredients: Bonito shavings (manufactured in Japan), sugar, mackerel flakes, salt, roasted sesame, glucose, soy sauce, small shrimp, kelp, nori, lactose, plant protein hydrolyzate, aosa, sardine flakes, fermented seasonings, dextrin, flying fish powder, bonito flakes powder, starch, dried sardine extract, fish bone powder, mackerel flakes powder, mirin, shiitake mushroom extract powder, kelp powder, chin powder, shrimp extract, spices, starch syrup, kelp extract, bonito flakes extract , Shijimi extract, chicken powder, scallop extract, oyster extract, fish sauce powder, clam extract, yeast extract, sesame oil / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), eggshell calcium, coloring (caramel, monascus, carotenoids), modified starch, antioxidant (V.E), sweetener (licorice), acidulant, flavoring, (some include eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, sesame, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, pork)

Nutritional information

per 1 bag (40g)
Salt equivalent5.2g
Dietary fiber2.7g

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